Sunday, June 24, 2012

Farmers Market Recipes

Yesterday we were at the farmers market and it always amazes me the feedback we get from our customers. My husband has made a habit of asking how each person cooks the chicken that they buy from us. Maybe one day with all my spare time I'll write a cookbook. One of our regular customers came up to the booth today and said that they cooked the chicken with a Moroccan rub on the grill,my mouth waters just thinking about it. Another customer said that they had baked it in the oven with fennel and lemongrass. Several times it had people tell us that they've made it curried. And then sometimes we have people who ask us what they should do with the chicken. My husbands usual response is beer can chicken. We have found that to be the most simple tastiest recipe we have tried yet. For those of you who haven't heard of it you simply take a decent sized broiler chicken big enough to fit a beer can inside the opening,tip the chicken on top of the beer can standing up and put it in a pan in your oven or on the grill leaving the beer inside can. You can season the outside of the chicken anyway you like. You can look inside the home goods department of your local department store and even find special racks to hold the beer can and chicken in place. In the fall we like to substitute the beer with apple cider. Give it a try I can almost guarantee you'll love it!

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